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Over the year you will notice gaps appearing in the joints between your brick, masonry or stonework. This is caused by weathering and decay allowing water to seep into the fabric of your building.


Re-pointing process

Your property will need to be assessed to find out what work is required.


All the existing mortar will be removed using angle grinders and chisels to a depth of 12-15mm for brick and 25mm for stone, this is done with care as to not damage the brick or stone.


New mortar is applied by hand using a hawk and pointing trowel and left to set before shaping. There are several finishes to pointing.

  1. Round handle joint or bucket handle joint this is finished with a bricklayers jointer or piece of 15mm pipe.
  2. Flush joint is for rustic bricks or to give a smooth finish.
  3. Weather-struck joint is suitable for houses so to allow the rain to run off the brickwork.
  4. V-joint these are made with a shaped pointing tool, this sheds water well.