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Jub acrylic render, is a colour through decorative render. Which is a durable coating that has a high resistance to weathering and is also water repellent. It's flexible anti-crack formulation, and UV resistant pigments allow for large areas to be seamlessly rendered with a perfect colour consistency.


As jub is a pre-mixed render, you can colour match upto 1600 colour ranges and shades. The most popular been white, cream and blue. Jubs durability and resistance againist all exposed weather conditions, also allows long term resistanace to algae and mildew. This been due to its high water repellence making a maintenence free finish.


Being a breathable render system, makes it suitable for porous mineral surfaces such as concrete blocks and brick. Jub acrylic render is manufactured using modern robotic technology, which leaves it free from ecologically harmful ingredients.